Help Me!!!

Please please please say something to stop be from killing the mil. I have tried talking to myself and I know its not a great start for a baby to be born behind bars - but not sure I can make it through the day without stoving something in the side of her head!


  • spit in her tea and enjiy watching her drink it lol
  • you could blame it on the hormones lol
  • Can you fake illness and go to bed! Either that or an emergency call from a friend who really needs you to go round asap as she has a personal emergency!! =D
  • Ask her to go shopping for you and tell her that the nearest tesco is at least 100 miles away -should take her a few hours! Or as I do,tell her that she looks poorly and send her to bed - she'll take pity on herself and go! Another one I've done is plonk her in front of an epic long film or costume drama and she'll be there for the rest of the day whilst I sneek out or go upstairs and watch telly in our bedroom! Hope it helps, Anna xxx (I like my mil but only because she lives 90miles away- oh don't I sound awful????)
  • Sorry but she wouldn't fall for that - she is craftier than a fox. She doesn't like to miss out on anything so she wouldn't take her self to bed, infact she has to be the last to bed. she can't keep quiet to watch anything on tele. I would send her to tesco but we are watching what we eat and I know she would come back with a load of crap, so she can eat it all.
    Do you know they're here for four days turned up yesterday, made arrangements to have her feet done at MY house and didn't even bring me a bunch of flowers. She has spent most of the morning, moaning about the fact we waited until we were 12 weeks before we told her and that has really up set her, becuase had she known she wouldn't of moved SO far away (2.5 hours - hardly f***king australia) and then has the cheek to sit in the one chair that I can get really comfy in - ALL NIGHT.

    I've told her I'm going to my mums for a swim, which is true - but I didn't tell her I'm staying there for a few hours after, and maybe a sleep
  • just tell her to bugger off!
  • lol! Good on your Claire, she sounds like a nightmare!!

    My MIL freaked at me when I told her that if things didn't work out in Norway (where we are living at the mo) then we fancied giving New Zealand a bash! She pretty much begged me not to ever go that far away and then it kind of changed from a beg to a flat instruction that we were not to go there!!! lol! She better hope that we decide to stay here cos otherwise New Zealand here we come!! =D
  • I told you to buy the fat lard a load of cakes and fill em up with rat poison and let her eat herself to death (muck quicker!)..

    Or go to your mums, get your hubby outta the house also and leave her in the house with the gas on so she can either gas herself to death or blow up!

    Basically, just kill the bitch claire!
  • God help me. What makes it worse is she is a liar. She tells 3 people 3 different things. She was going on before about how we'd upset her, but said that she'd never say that to my husband, so why is she telling me then?

    Jaynie pop over, and you do it for me would you???

    Off for my swim now, if you don't hear from me I could of either been arrested for murder or I've got swimming and I've decided I'd rather drown than come home and make them casserole.
  • I'm trying eva, really I am - it's just that my mouth doesn't do what my brain wants it to - like yesterday I was practising smiling in the mirror and saying hello to try and make it look like i was pleased to see them - how awful!
  • ok i'll be there in.. a long time. i cant afford transport!
  • How you getting on Jaynie? Did you manage to get the baby stuff you needed? x
  • got most of the stuff. think i jus need changin mat and some more bottles now but my dad might buy those.
    still dont have money tho

    im just tired now. only 3 days til hes due now
  • Hi, I have similar problems with mine. She does my head in. I have bought a few pregnancy nusic CDs and I have told her that the Doctor told me I need to listen to them for a few hours on my own to help the baby develop. It works so far !!!
    Good luck
  • Has your ex given you anything towards it all? x
  • nope havent heard from him for over 2 months again now
  • What a g*t!
    If he turns up after the birth I would present him with a bill!
  • i wont be presenting him with a bill.. he'll be getting a broken face!
  • lol! =D
    Ah well, hopefully only three days to go before you meet your little man and it will all be worthwhile! x
  • hes due on fathers day. and his father is a.. um.. tryin to think of a word that i wont get told off for.. i cant do it.
    hes a w****r!
    ive told him hes not allowed to come out on sunday
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