will you be having pancakes tonight ?i shall! i love them with my first pregnancy i craved them! what will you be having on them suger and lemon does it for me every time! yummy yummy


  • Oh yeah - Sugar and lemon for me too.... i'm not in to all the fancy ones, like chocolate etc, syrup etc. Sugar and Lemon does it for me. Just on my way to get the ingrediants now! Enjoy everyone... lets see who eats the most!!
  • yeah my daughter likes nutella but i cant stand anything but lemon and sugar on them think i might make them now so i dont have to share with my oh and blame it on bein a craving again lol lol lol
  • what do you think pancakes with a melted creame egg or mars bar in would taste like?
  • oh no, don't cook them now - unless you eat them too!! They have to freshly cooked, they taste much better that way!! Not sure about melted creme egg or mars bar, would probably be ok, but a bit sickly for me. Strangely enough, I seem to have gone off chocolate... can you believe that!!
  • no i dont mean to eat later i mean to eat them all to my self now lol then i dont have to share!
  • i just finished the first batch of 8 well i had to make sure the recipie was ok :lol: will probably end up making 3 more batches image need more sugar !!!!
  • ha ha ha you go girl least you can say they were for the baby now you need some more!
  • im worried there will not be any ingredints left to make them for the kids oops image hoping they wont like them
  • Oh yeah I keep forgeting its pancake day lol.
  • Thanks a lot ladies. Now you've made me have to drive to Tesco to fulfill a pancake craving!! :lol: Best combination has to be pepperoni and melted cheese, sod the indigestion!!
  • i think my morning sickness is back thats grose!
  • i started on the pancakes on friday. now i want more
  • I want pancakes! Still on blooming diet from eating too much stuff like that when I was pg! It tasted darn good at the time though!!!xx
  • its pancake day you can forget your diet for pancakes on pancake day. just dont try eatin other stuff as well like huge cakes
  • Didn't want any - UNTIL NOW!!! Lemon and sugar are a must, happy chomping xxxxx
  • Hi-ya

    I had 2 pancakes at lunchtime with honey on them. They were yum!

    I am off to my Mum's for dinner tonight and hoping she will be making some. Prob with lemon & sugar.

    I am sitting here wondering what they'd taste like with melted mars bar (quite nice I am thinking...) and also the pepperoni & melted cheese sounds great too. Might have to make a batch up tomorrow and try those!

  • mmmmm I just had a pancake ready made ones that you warm in the microwave and then I had ice cream sliced banana and chocolate sauce on top yum
  • How do you make pancakes? I want to make some but forgotten how is it flour, eggs and water but what quantities and anything else?
  • i must be worlds most borin person as i always have alway will have sugar and lemon!and thats it
  • Hello everyone. . i didnt even know its pancake day! I love pancakes with maple syrup mmm its the best. x
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