wakey wakey

where is everyone this morning or am i the only one sad enough to come on this time of day lol


  • hi how are you? how many weeks are you?
  • Morning

    No your not the only one.

    I'm sitting at work at the moment I should be doing something else but I desided to have come on here instead.

    Hope you are well today.

  • not to bad thanks how are you ? how many weeks are you? im 16 weeks
  • congratulations on bein preg how you feeling?
  • lol nothing worse than feeling sick and crap when you have a little one i have a 2 year old and felt and stll feel the same some days do you think its safe to have a runny yolk?

  • I'm 21 weeks now and as big as a house but I have to say I love it still abit sick thought that would have passed by now but a least its not everyday.

    Had my 20 week scan and I now know what I am having it is so exciting off the the Baby show in London on the weekend cant wait to start shopping properly now.

    Are you keeping alright?

  • how excitng i cant wait to find out what im having! not got my 20 week scan till 13 april! had to have it a week late because of easter!bet the baby show will be good!im huge already at 16 weeks!
  • i really need the runny yolk i guess one carnt harm me the craving will be worse than the effect!

  • The fried egg sounds wicked I would love to be eating that right now instead I have just had a marmalade sandwich it was ok but doesn't really compare does it.

    Tin tomatoes on toast it what I really fancy with brown sauce.

  • you are all making me want a full on fry up now!
  • iam up aswell had already some chocolate i cant stay away from it and iam 11+4 weeks pregnant.

  • Ah bless you sorry darling.

    I suppose I better go and do some work before I get my arse kicked.

    It was really nice chatting I hope to catch up with you later.

    Starving now.!!!!

    Have a good one.


  • dont you hink it tastes better the bigger bar you buy
  • my egg was lovely!
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