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30 years after episiotomy

okay this is going to sound crazy but here's what's going on. I had my daughter almost 31 years ago and for some reason my scarf for my episiotomy has flared up. After I had my child I use medicated tucks pads and that to help with the pain and the swelling and I never have another problem after the stitches fell out. I am about climbing the walls here. I haven't had this much pain in my body I don't know what to do with myself should I see a doctor or is this normal something that can just happen after 30 years? Has it happened anyone you know? I'm really freaked out!!


  • Hi wandrae... I would go see the doc es as you’re having so much pain... I’m guessing your at an age where you may be due / admid the menopause? in which case maybe as your hormones are changing and your estrogen is dropping your lady parts dont produce so much lubrication and maybe the dryness is making your scar sore? Just a thought! Or maybe some kind of vaginal Infection like BV or a yeast infection? Any other symptoms?

    I wouldn’t imagine after all this time that there is an infection in the scar itself or anything like that... probably not really related. 

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