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Flying to america any good travel toy ideas?

i am flying to orlando on the 12th august i have 4 children ages 1,4,9 and 11 looking for some travel toy inspiration! 


  • Usborne sticker books for the 4 year old are great.

    Hate to say it, but a ipad with some downloaded movies for the older kids are good tho i reckon you'll have those mini tvs in the back of the headrests which can be life savours - just make sure you take headphones. 

    Dobble is brill for the older kids too which is a card game. 

    LOADS of snacks! 

    Mini games like Rummikub, and Connect 4 too. 

  • Thanks! Will get the sticker books and i have seen dobble. We are flying with virgin so will have tvs. My 1 year old wont watch tv or ipad tho! Im thinking a pack of tupperware boxes as he loves putting things in and out of boxes

  • Yup, or these are great:

    BUT you'll be forever scrambling to pick them up off the floor on the plane! That's no good for anyone. 

    Also you can get some mini aquadoodle mats tho baby might be a bit young for them, but still good for practising holding a pen. 

    Have the best time - LOVE Orlando - so, so much to see and do. 

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