Size O

Any one going to watch The Truth about size O on at 9pm ITV? Something none of us need to worry about LOL. but should be interesting.


  • If i watch that I thnk I would cry!! I will watch my 24 DVD cos I love Jack Bauer and I'm gonna run away with him....when I get the chance!
  • I can't wait to be a wheeble! I have loads of anorexic friends so I am interested in watching it on a serious side as it is awful and I think it is getting worse. I have 24 DVD set but now watched it yet I'm waiting until I start my maternity leave something to look forward to I've never seen one episode. Do you think he will take your child on too LOL?
  • im gonna watch it looks really interesting
  • I saw a bit of it. Was interesting and quite emotional. My hubby commandeered the tv though so missed the end image
  • I didn't watch it cos of F*****g football on sky1, which hubby wanted to watch. Would ave liked to have seen it though
  • Poor you. My hubby suggested getting sky last night and I said NEVER. He watches enough football as it is. We have freeview and he can make do with that. x
  • yep i wanted to watch it but like ellieisaac i too was a victim of football on sky sports ..... couldn't even go and watch it in my bedroom for fear of waking up bubs (no programme is worth waking her up) ....... was it good?
  • Hi

    I watched it. Was very good.

    Felt so sorry for Louise by the end, she looked so rough and fed up. I think these types of diets are really silly. Once my baby is born, I am just going to make sure I eat a sensible balanced diet, watching my portion sizes and also get hiking round with the pram to burn off my extra weight.

    That programme made me feel hungry, so ended up stuffing my face with cornflakes.

    Sam x
  • See i like football but the o/h doesnt get a say. i get what i want when it comes to watchin tv!!! i watch the size o thing, it was really emotional, its so sad what young girls put themselves through
  • i quite agree tess. good for you evab for standing your ground on avin Sky, I wish I had your willpower!!!! I've got the same idea about losing the poundage as you Sam, along with plenty of mummy & baby strolls. Only prob is I tend to crash & burn when it comes to dieting, and my eating habits during pregnancy probably raise a few eyebrows.... i.e.everything thats bad for me goes in there. Howz everyone else doing at the mo?
  • Bristol - He won't need to. The fantasy land where Jack and I are going is strictly adults only. No Kids Allowed!!
  • I love sweet things just now. I know the sugar is bad but sometimes you've just got to have it. Been trying to make do with fruit but it isn't the same. I'm not really into dieting. Once baby is out I think I will just eat sensibly and exercise. Don't like to deprive myself of food for silly reasons. Plus my husband is stick thin and never puts weight on no matter what he eats so won't exactly be encouraging me if I'm eating diet food image x
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