bloody neighbours!!

i have to have a rant!! im feeling pretty brassed off right now and have no-one to rant to!! i have recently moved house to what i thought was a lovely little estate. the neighbours seemed lovely and welcoming a few months ago and we spoke to them when we first moved here. my OH told them we had 3 cats and if they have any trouble to give us a knock and we will try and sort it out (knowing that some people are funny about pets, cats in partic) they said yeah no problem. then at christmas we posted some cards through to be neighbourly and the ones we are joined to posted ours back "as a joke" on boxing day basically being nasty about my cats. we had words and explained that cats are free spirits and we cant control where they go etc and in future they only had to knock on if prob. i wouldnt mind but we always have cats in our garden and i just shoo them out no prob. then today i saw my other neighbour entice my cat out from behind a tree and throw a CD at him! i went mental at him and nearly fell through the window!! i dont mind shooing or whatever but if a CD hits a cat its gonna cause damage.
the cat he threw it at is already ill and has spent most of the last 2 weeks in and out of vets and has incurable kidney prob so im already pretty upset about that. my lovely supportive OH wont even go round and ask the shit head next door not to throw bloody CD's at my cats either!! if i go i will end up blubbing from anger and hormones from being 33 weeks pregnant and disgust with the bloke. i am now worried that my cats are going to come to harm from the neighbours!
I understand some people hate cats but why hurt one deliberatley? i can never understand some people.:evil:
sorry for the long rant but i needed to get it off my chest ladies! thanks xx


  • I agree, phone the RSPCA, or wait untill he is out in his garden and throw cd's at him :lol: Some people are just a waste of space, the mad old bat that lives at the bottom of my garden (that makes her sound like a gnome) got a huff on about my cat when we moved in (She was sulking because they had built new houses next to her garden) I told her that I would be glad to clear up after him if neccesary and that she was welcome to spray him with water but if she did anything else she would have me to deal with! (I am naturally shouty). Would your oh go round with a water pistol? Not to squirt neighbour but to suggest that if he doesn't want cats inhis garden he use it on them. It doesn't hurt them but it is very efective at getting them to move.
    Can the vet do anything to help your poorly cat? I would be gutted if anything happened to mine, he is almost like another baby. I moan about him and call him all the names under the sun but I love him really (kind of like my husband :lol: ) Take care, Kerry xx
  • thanks ladies for the words of support. i am still seething about the CD incident if i catch him doing it again i will report him dont worry!! throwing CD's at him would be highly amusing!! why are some people jsut miserable funny bastards?? we have already told the neighbours we will clean up any mess but who is to say the bloody mess is from my cats? there are tons of cats in the street!!
    my poorly cat has to have a special prescription diet for the rest of his life or else crystals will cause scarring inside and block therefore will kill him thats all we can do for him. i am with you kerry i love my cats and would break my heart if anything happened to them. you wouldnt see someone throwing CD's at a dog!! there would be uproar but as its a cat people think its ok to poison them!!

    did you get told that cats kill babies etc when you fell pregnant? that just does naff me off!! xx Hayley xx
  • I got all the cats kill babies stuff. My cat hates my little girl (she is too noisy) but in a hide at the other end of the house kind of a way. He would never hurt her because he would have to get far to close to do it. Its really funny, she is 6 months now and thinks he is desperately exciting, if he walks near her she squeels and tries to grab him and then he runs away looking disgusted :lol:
    Look after yourself and bump, Kerry xx
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