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I am tired of the culture that parenting is a one sex job - Mums and mums only

Nursery rhymes, nursery activities, advertising products, websites and forums just like this.

we are not just sperm givers we are 50% of an integral part of every childs life

Women scream for equality and sexism well think how Dads are MARKETED


  • I completely and 100% agree.

    This forum may be your wrong audience though...

    It's total bs.

  • Nobody on this forum does not view a Dad as an equal! 

    This is a site mainly for mums although you want to join you would be more than welcome! There are also sites out there for only dads, mainly because parenting throws up different issues/feelings for men and women.

    So instead of havinf a go Why not just join in 🙂

  • I know where you're coming from op, there is still a long way to go when it comes to things like maternity leave equality. Interested to know what you mean by marketed though?

  • Instead of moaning about it why not do something? Join one of the dad's groups like The Dad network or start your own. Come here and join in, start a thread for dads etc no one is stopping you but please don't come and have a go at the people who come here for a safe place to be in what can be an incredibly emotional time in their lives. 

  • So Made for dad 2018......

    I do agree totally with parenting being for both parents, and both parents have problems, maybe the same, maybe different.  But if you haven't noticed, this site is a lot to do with the actual trying to conceive, ovulation pain, when to dtd, taking pregnancy tests on the sly not to upset the husband in case it's a negative.....again, bleeding, aches and pains, breast changes, then once pregnant carrying the child for 9 months, worrying about every little twinge,this site is for the need to talk to someone who is going through the exact same thing who can be of reassurance. Worrying about having a section, or labour, GIVING BIRTH!! Both parents can then worry about the new born, but it's not's all about the recovery of our body after giving birth, the mental well being etc. How many times have you needed to talk to anyone about any of these issues "made for dads 2018?" The list is endless! I'm sure like the others said, there's sure to be sites out there for dad's that's nothing really to do with mum's. So get a grip, and chill. Get searching!!! 😉

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