Sophia and the Chocolate Factory....

Hey girl, how was it at Cadbury World? Did you get hold of any secret recipes? Did you see any oompaloomas? Do the squirrels really work there? Did yo bring me back some mini-eggs? :lol:


  • No there are no squirrels, oompaloompas, magical fountains, nothing!! Just 3,000 iraqi's working there instead. Im never going again. I feel nauseous from the chocolate i ate, way too much like a pig. I did actually bring mini eggs they are in a plastic chicken and the eggs come out of her bum!! X
  • Hey who went there Claire? It would be a dream!! lol.x
  • I went it was horrible image DONT EVER GO ITS A NIGHTMARE
  • Ohhh youve shattered my dreams! lol
  • Ohhh noooo!!!! My chocolate dreams are shattered!! Was it really that bad?? NO [email protected] tell me.....I need Cadburys chocolate to live!! Sophia went there this morning, Debbie! I don't want eggs that come from a chicken's bum!! (how stooopid did that sound?!?!)
  • Deb, great minds think alike!!
  • I wont tell you anymore, but im so going to just eat galaxy from now on. . x x they dont have gloves on their hands and they were hand wrapping the easter eggs i couldnt believe it
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • And I'm off to Tesco soon to buy myself an Easter Egg....I only like cadbury chocolate too. galaxy is sickly anf nestle is too sugary! i'm gonna pretend that u said it was great and lovely and clean with no Iraqi's working there without gloves!
  • Sorry but i was really shocked by the whole visit! I still ate the chocolate just not the eggs, cause the bars are wrapped by machine, but the eggs are hand wrapped x
  • He he, get me some claire x
  • eww.. i was just eating a malteesers easter egg with my cup of tea when i read this... ive been put right off it now.. hmm good job i lurrve galaxy... Toni x
  • i love my cadbury chocolate and easter eggs but now i feel a bit sick ,i go to lidl then and get german chocolate and maybe a bit of cadbury bars later in tesco but i would not touch any easter eggs in the next few days.hubby loves galaxy iam more the malteser girl myself .
    eve x x x
  • I love toblerone ........ ummmmm yummy!!
  • I was so shocked and apalled by the factory i couldnt believe it!! Im not eating cadburys easter eggs, ill still eat the bars but not the eggs x xx
  • I just want a chocolate river in my bedroom and a golden goose to lay me golden eggs and the fizzy pop stuff that makes you fly, then you belch and you get grounded safely! Not asking a lot is it? A packet of pacers would be nice too x
  • Whats pacers?? I just e mailed u, i want a chocolate river aswell x x x with some orange people
  • I have a good idea, maybe i could take this title ' sophia & the chocolate factory ' and make it into a film, like willy wonka but in a big pink factory with pink unicorns instead of squirrels and pink midget people. It would be a best seller for the little kids x xx
  • I had thought of that already Sophia!! I've been on the phone with Speilberg and he sounded very interested! Ask Claire21 about pacers....Do you like my avatar?? I did it especially for you x
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