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Mums! Need your assistance!

Hi ladies,

my name is Dan and I'm a young guy out on his own little venture in life looking to gain some guidance from your experienced selves. I am delving into Import/export/e-commerce retail, and my first investment product is actually going to be a 'water spraying mop'. The decision I have to make is whether to opt for one which uses disposable non woven fabric wipes, which can be simply discarded after use OR to go for one which makes use of reusable microfiber which can be machine washed. 

  imageThis is the disposable. imageThis is the reusable.

I understand that a lot of people including my own mother does not exactly like the concept of handling dirty cloths which collect dirt and then have to be washed.

On the other hand, for the disposable option, one would have to continuously purchase a pack of disposable fabric wipes alongside the mop, after the pack which comes with runs out.

Which would you go for and why?

Would you be willing to pay £29.99 for a cleaning mop to use on any hard surface with a lever in the handle to spray water, built at premium quality?

I hate to attach the stereotype of associating cleaning with women, but to gain advice I honestly could see no better place. I hope that some of you can help me out and point me in making the correct decision, would mean the world to me :) Thank you!

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