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Had Period last month, then spotting for 8 days, 8 days after period ended. Could I be pregnant?

Hello Ladies, I had my period last month Sept 12th until the 16th. (Usually lasts 7 days) then a little over a week later I started having spotting of light pink or having clear discharge with what looked like a red string in it (sorry tmi) that started on the 24th and lasted until October 1st. I went to obgyn and they said everything seemed normal and they did a pee test for pregnancy which came back negative. If not pregnant which I find highly impossible since fiance had vasectomy 12 years ago (but miracles can happen) how should I time when to start my next period? Go by the first time I bled or the 2nd time I bled ? If I go by the 1st week I bled I would have been due to start today. I'm just so confused. Looking back on my calendar the day I started spotting is the day that could have been my ovulation day. 


  • If I was supposed to go off from the first time I bled which was more like a period I'm now a day late. Working on 2 days late. The 2nd time I bled I did not need to use a tampon or pad, it was only when I wiped going to the bathroom when I would see it . 

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