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Struggling - son got burnt by hot drink by aunt

Hi everyone, I could do with the opinions of some strangers to be honest.

My son turned 1 on the 2nd and because his dad (my partner) was working we didn't go out anywhere so oue families came round throughout the day. Whilst my partner was in bed getting ready for his night shift I was in the living room with my son playing with his toys. My auntie showed up and after 10 minutes I started to prepare my partners tea, my auntie was watching my son which she has plenty of times. I made us both a coffee and whilst peeling potatoes my son had got the milk out of the fridge, I told my aunt to leave it that he'll only do it again anyway but she ignored me. She moved my son to by the dining table which she left her coffee on. My son got hold of it and poured it on himself. By 7 that night we had taken him to be checked over at hospital and thankfully he only had a couple of small red marks on his chest. My mum and partner made me call my aunt to let her know my son was okay and to apologise for shouting at her. Of course I did that but I wasn't happy when she didn't apologise back and has since acted as if it didn't hapen.

That night it took me over an hour to get to sleep because all I could see was my son pouring a hot drink all over himself and the state on him after it happened and all Icould hear was him screaming. It's been 3 days and it takes so much in me not to cry all day. Its like that day is on a contant loop in my head. I've been so angry that my aunt has'nt apologised and everyone around me is either telling me I'm overreacting or to let it go and not to hold a grudge. I feel like it has triggered my PTSD from 3 years agobut I'm not sure if that would be clinically correct.

Am I right to be so angry and upset that she hasn't apologised or should I just "let it go" as everyones told me?

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