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School neglect

My 13 yr old son went on a school trip to lille Xmas market in France for the day. He had to be at school for 5.30am. He has to get two buses and a train which takes about an hour. Which is fine we choose this option. But I need advice please because I was told they would arrive bk to school at 9.30 pm. Thank the Lord my son has fone credit. He called me at 9pm to say they was delayed by 3hours. Which I understand theses things happen. The thing I can't wrap my head around is I had No contact from the school just my son. Who I asked him is he near a teacher I would like to speak to them. When  I explained to the teacher I don't drive and by the time I they get bk to school I have no way of collecting him the teacher reassured me she will drop him to my nearest station for me and wait to I get there. Well I walked 20 mins with my dog at 12.50am to find my 13yr old walking the streets by himself. When I.asked where was his teacher he explained she left him at the school and he walked and got the last train home by himself. On top of that 40 kids was allowed to run round France with no supervision and 2 girls got pickpocketed  because the 4 teachers that went with was "in the cafe" And baring in mind its winter they not only let them leave there coats on coach so my boys lips went blue and he got soaked the teachers plied them with sweets instead of dinner. Anything could of happened to my son tonite. I'm livid. If shoe was on the other foot I wld have social services at my door. Surely that should apply to the school as Well?? What do I do please. Need advice. 


  • Dreadful that they thought it was appropriate to let him walk home alone at that time!

    Get a copy of school complaints procedure, make a formal complaint and escalate it if you aren’t satisfied with their response.

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