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Ex partner breaching sgo court order

hi my second son dad has isolated my son away from me my other 2 son and and sister without good reason my son hasn't seen his older sibling for 4 years answered has mornin met my youngest kids a son my other 2 sons under an sgo as part of the court order my two sons are to keep in contact with my son but I only told my ex partner about it back in November this year he said my son has got nothing to do with my other sons court orders  hasn't arranged for my son to see his siblings is my ex partner breaching the court order? as he is aware of it


  • Sorry this phone puts in random words my oldest son has not seen my son for 4 years my mother has my other 2 sons under an sgo order 

  • If the court order includes contact then yes he is breaching the order, however it would be unlikley this would be included without everyone’s agreement who is involved. 

    I would suggest contacting childrens services or returning to the solicitor who represented you in the private proceedings regarding your children.

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