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Family photos - not enough of them with my little girl

The year my daughter was born was a very tough year. Not only did I go through a hard labour with her and weeks of discomfort. I also had alot going on with my little boy who has additional needs. And moving into a new house when my daughter was 5 months old. During her first year I had no photos developed but looking back on them now I'm only in 50 photos with her in her whole entire first year. It upsets me as I feel like I'm the only mum who has no photos with her daughter. I'm scared in years to come she will hate me for not taking lots of photos of the two of us together. Whenever people took photos of us together my head was often chopped out or they zoomed onto her. I thought I had a lot more photos then I did and now I'm saddened over the lack I do have. It keeps going around in my head making me paniky and stressed finding it hard to sleep. Am I the only one who feels this way. 

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