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Pregant and don't like the dog??

My partner and I grew up massive dog lovers and we recently brought home a puppy after months of searching, for our 6 year old and couldn't be more happy.

1 week later I found out I was pregnant and dog has been driving me mad ever since?! Even resenting her being in the home.  

I hate feeling like this and was curious to know if anyone else has experienced this and if so did it stop after pregnancy? And Would you say this is just hormones?

More information:

  My partner's job was outdoors walking so he could walk her every day and then id look after her in the home, feeding baths cuddles and extra walks etc. So 50/50 responsibility.

However my partner's job changed so he now temporarily lives away, and I am left alone with the house to manage, pregnant with our 6 year old and training the dog.

•for the first trimester I felt super sicky, so the smell of the dog really got to me, the house smelling like dog made me cry and i was feeling sick and faint while walking her, which I powered through but it was awful.

This eased up in the second trimester, I could walk her without feeling ill. We also ripped out all the carpets and got new cleanable furniture which helped with worrying about the house being clean enough for baby.

But I still felt annoyed by having the dog around.. just her running around, the noises smells and the general extra effort it took was really getting to me.

Now in the third trimester and it's not disappeared?! It's mostly the smell that gets to me, she brings in pooy footprints so I have to mop several times a day.  The walking has become difficult again now I'm bigger as she constantly pulls. I'm constantly finding myself crying that the house is not 'baby ready/safe' because it smells like dog. And I feel like every waking moment is dog walks, poo pick ups and telling her off for jumping on the sofas, hovering around food or annoying our daughter. And no time for anything else like house chores piling up and time with daughter reduced because the dog takes up so much..

Again it's so unexpected for me to feel this way. But it leaves me crying almost every day .. any advice welcome


  • I would able to suggest you to stay away but as it could affect your partner's job then try to be more friendly and understanding with her. 

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