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Hi Ladies

Has anyone else had a nightmare trying to order nursery furniture?

We went this morning to Babies r us as we'd seen some online that we liked but the 2 grandma's wanted to buy a bit each and we'd buy the other bit. They told us they only stocked the cots/cotbeds in store, so she phoned to see if the other stuff was in stock, it wasn't and apparently you can't place an order unless the stuff is actually in stock.

I got very upset with them as they were rather rude about it (hormone's did not help and I did throw bit of a fit...imageopsimage

Then went to Mothercare world and they were crap too. My mum wanted to order the Travel System, pay for it and pick it up week or two before due date (am 27 weeks pregnant at the mo) we were told the one we want was not on the list where you are able to do this and we would either have to take it away with us today or order online nearer the time. My mum is supersticious and doesn't want us to have the pram until she is born, so she dug her heels in. Thing that got me was the exact same system but in a yukky greeny brown colour was on the list!!!!

So threw another fit in Mothercare and ended up walking out of there leaving hubby, my mum & his mum having to deal with the crap sales assistant red faced after my outburst!

Ended up going to Next and ordering all the furniture from there and will be here in 2 weeks.

Anyone else had problems with this type of thing?

Sam x


  • Oh dear, now i understand why your on strike. Don't people get on your nerves. Does nobody these days do what they say they are going to do? I went into Halfords to get some oil,and I took the old bottle in to get the equvilant. Asked the girl and she said - yeah it's over there, went and had a look being a bit of a dick when it comes to cars, I said well, I don't really know what it is I'm looking for. She said - well all the oil is over there. I asked if there was anyone who could help me - and she said no. I wanted to poke the bitch in the eye with my keys. God I am so moody. I keep blaming my hormones but not sure how much longer I can get away with it - as i've been using that excuse since my first period at 14!! I am also moody about my fucking inlaws. Such a long story and it's very boring but basically his mum loves attention, and now i'm pregnant and she isn't in the limelight she is moody. they have moved back up north (yippee) and have only been there since Tuesday and she has been on the phone crying already. My husband was really narky with her on the phone and when he came off he was tellling me what she had said. I said to him, ummm, that really makes me feel like getting in the car and going to see how she is. God she is so annoying, maybe she should get a job in mothercare!!! xxxx
  • Oh dear...

    She sounds GREAT!!! She should just be bloody happy for you! How rude! I hope she grows up when your baby arrives, she supposed to be a Grandma for goodness sake! Yes, she sounds like ideal candidate for Mothercare :lol:

  • Babies R Us are crap. They promised to ring us when our baby's border for the nursery arrived and we had to keep ringing and getting fobbed off and told we'd have to pay for it (we'd already paid!!) I'm still waiting and my "baby" is now 5 !!!! :roll: They are all miserable tw*ts and one guy who worked there had the WORST B.O. EVER!!!! I threw a strop in Tesco yesterday when a spotty 16yr old in a pink waistcoat asked me if I'd like to do the Race for Life. I glanced down at my huge 8 1/2 month bump and said"er, no thanks" and he was really snotty with me and said," so much for charity!" and stuck his nose in the air and flounced off! Yes I know it's for cancer research but do I look like I could run a bloody marathon, no, I look like I've swallowed a spacer hopper you pillock and I can barely manage to waddle around your stupid shop! Men!!!! :evil:
  • Hi
    Sorry everyone is having such a crap time with shops/assistants - so are we! we ordered our furniture from that well known catalogue shop in Jan and it was supposed to be here b4 the end of Feb. We got a letter saying it's not in (problem with supplier!) and might not be in stock til march 21st. Baby is due in early April!!!! image I rang and complained but there's nothing they can do. i now see though that the same set on line is not displaying a message to say out of stock so i guess they're just carrying on taking people's money regardless grrrrrrr! :evil: Fingers crossed the furniture will be delivered soon cos i want to finish the nursery and start putting things for the baby in drawers instead of plastic bags! Take care y'all x
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