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CAR HELP NEEDED - which 5 seater car can fit 3 kids and car seats?

Mums, I am after some help! 

We are considering a third child but that would mean getting a new car to fit the third car seat in.... 

can anyone suggest cars that fit 3 car seats in across the back? I know obviously there is the option of a 7 seater but they are so much more money. and we wanted to see if there are any 5 seater options out there!!

I currently have a 7 year old and 2 year old so will need high back seats for a bit longer and although a booster in the middle could be an option for the older child, it wouldn’t fit in our current car which is a focus!


  • I’ve got a Vauxhall insignia and can fit 3 across just. I have an 8 year old in a slim booster seat. She has just gone out of the high back one tho so just a booster seat. 3 year old in a joie stages, rear and forward facing and newborn in a baby carrier.

    but I wouldn’t really recommend the car for theee across and the back window is really sloped, almost like a coupe car. The seats are sloped up, so I would look for a car with completely flat seats, would be easier to fit the seats in.

  • I’m thinking of going down the route of a Multimac if we decide to have a third....

    anyone got any experience with them good or ba??

  • Hi Flossyflossy, lovely to see your name pop up!
    We thought this article might be helpful too. 

  • Thank you Danielle, nice to be back...! Just testing the waters and persuading my husband!!!!

  • We're all rooting for you! 

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