Partners at the baby show

Is anyone else taking there partner to the Baby Show in London? My husband wants to come with me but seems to think that he will be one of a small number of men!!


  • my hubby came to the baby show last october when i was pregnant and he is coming with me again now bubs is here. He has been hassling me to get the tickets since i told him about it ! btw there were loads of blokes there when i was there in october. Enjoy!
  • morning, yes my hubby is comin with me, looking forward to it.. told him to take lots of pennies..!!!
  • I was meant to be going to on the 11th with a friend and our partners, but my friend double booked herself and can't go, so now my bf wont come cause he wanted to go with another bloke, and I don't want to go on my own, well, I need someone to carry all my shopping! Really wanted to go though, maybe next time!
  • My OH say's the same... he doesn't want to be the only bloke there! I told him this idea is rediculous and that loads of women (like myself) will be dragging their partners around too ...whether they like it or not! xx
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