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Any ideas? Boy or girl? 😁


  • I think girl 😊💖

  • any ideas boy or girl pleas ?image

  • Chasamel.. I think boy 💙! Please let us know if we’re right girls 🙌🏻 xx 

  • imagethank you very much for the reply 

    this is my son Sam 14weeks scan I was trying to compare with this scan

    I was sur this time it a girl as the nub its not raised up image

  • It could be a girl!!!!! Usually there are three lines near the nub when it’s a girl and there isn’t anything like that on your sons scan but on your  new scan there looks like there could be three little lines!!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻! Hope you get one of each 😊. Please let us know! How long till you find out??xx

  • thank you again for your reply ❤️honestly I would be over the moon if it another boy don't mind sex of our baby as long as they are healthy I was just so sure it was a girl lol it's all very exciting !!!

    i will post confirmed sex when we have our gender scan

    thanks again 

  • I was going to have gender scan after my 20weeks scan in a couples of so exciting 

  • Chasamel... aww how exciting! Yes of course any sex as long as there healthy is perfect but would be lovely to have one of each! 

    I will keep my fingers crossed that everything is fine and you get the outcome your hoping for 🤞🏻. 

    Look forward to your message xx

  • this is my third baby we have one of eache too lol thank you for been helpful will send you the confirmed scan xxxx

  • hiya any ideas boy or girl 20 weeks scan please ? will put the confirmed one in coupl of days having privet gender scan thank you .
  • we had our  gender scan couple days a go and it's a girl .
  • Woow! congratulations to you. Love seeing this.
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