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Very Confused!!

Hi. I have a question. I recently took 6 home pregnancy test . 4 had fainted lines,1 evaporation line and 1 digital test "not pregnant. I also went to the hospital but they said not pregnant. What do you think?


  • I'm not sure because I have taken two test frist said not prefpreg and second had super faint line I'm having alot of symptoms and I'm a week from period and having a medium spotting . Could use some feed back I have four children but never did this before

  • Neither has I. I have irregular cycles so its hard to track or keep up with. I was on the Nexplanon bitchcontrol for 4 years,I had cycles here and there but not many to keep up with.I had it removed April13,2018.the same day of gtn it removed I took my Depo shot.Only 1injection. I started my cycle cycle June 16. Since June of 2018. No cycles,no signs that it is coming. For a whole week straight,i was very nausea,fatigue and cramping(all my normal signs that my cycle is coming)but in the back of my mind this may be something else so to rule out pregnancy I took a test on January 30,2019. I have not tested anymore since going to the ER but I'm still feeling the same way and no sign of my cycle!!!

    VERY CONFUSING!!!!!😩😭🤦🤷

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