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Periods are a pain.

I'm not sure if I am supposed to talk about this here. 

On 2009 I was diagnosed with PCOS, but then immediately got pregnant and had my little girl 2010. Since having her I haven't had a period or even bled apart from of corse the after birth period 🙄 

Now 8 years and 2 months later I am experiencing a very random very heavy period and I just don't quote know how to handle it. How do I know if it's totoo much ? I mean I've googled and it says a certain ml is considered normal but how can you measure that. I am on day 3 and it's still really heavy and painful. When should I consult a GP? 

Please any advice is welcome ☺️ 


  • If say if you're worried about it then go to the doctors. You know your body better than anyone and if it feels like it's not right then you should get it checked out.

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