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The mini pill is causing me to bleed constantly

edited May 9, 2019 8:32AM in General chat
Hey everyone, 

So, I've been on the mini pill for nearly 6 months and for 3 of that, I've had constant bleeding (not heavy or painful) but it's such a pain. Is this normal? Is it worth me stopping the mini pill and just reverting back to how nature intended it and endure the pain that comes with it? Can't use the combined pill so that's not an option and I'm scared to get the implant. 

Advice welcome! Please, it'll save my body going through this hell!


  • It can be so hard to find a pill that suits you - i know i gave up trying in the end! 
    I would deffo go back to the doctor and talk through other pill options as this sound like a nightmare. 
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