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Ovulation bleeding? Wacky hormones? Or pregnant?

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I can’t accurately say when my “last” period truly was only because I just came off my combination bcp (kurvelo) mid pack. 

**only been on the bc 6 months but it’s worked beautiful for me**!! I only stopped bc ended things with someone and don’t nevessarily plan on engaging for awhile and I have no problem with my normal cycle (i was blessed with a regular and light natural period w minimal cramping or symptoms!) No worries, we’ve had conversation about what would happen if i conceived!

**i’m not actively trying to conceive obviously, but if i was with baby i would most definitely not be upset!❤️**

my last accurate withdrawal bleed was from April 25-28. (yes, i was sexually active during that bleed bc it was extremely light) During the first week of my new pack I:

- took first four pills (sun-wed) 

- missed next two (thursday and friday, didn’t double up) 

- took saturday. 

- missed sunday 

- doubled up monday. 

- took tuesday and wednesday (but I know I took them extremely late and almost forgot about them) and then decided to ditch my pills completey after that. 

i was very sexually active during my first week up and the week prior, all up until the day before my first missed pill (so aka the last time i DTD was the first of May). on Monday (5/6) i started feeling faint and light cramping and on Tuesday (5/7) is when i started is what I assumed was a withdrawal bleed from coming off the pills, extremely light. it switched back and forth from extremely light pink to brownish colored spotting and it was p watery from what i can remember. also weird, i had absolutely no bleeding or spotting on Wednesday (5/8) and then the light spotting/bleeding continued on Thursday (5/9) and was on and off, never increasing flow or intensity. on this day i had mainly spotting, one time when i went to the bathroom i had normal period looking blood - bright red, kinda mucousy/thicker! but it was only around the size of $1 coin piece. maybe larger, and then after that went back to just spotting pinkish/light red/brownish. pains never really increased intensity either. also had on and off bloating all during the week that lasted until around Monday (5/13). 

*dont have any pictures for these days, to show sorry! 

I was just wondering, is this ovulation bleeding? Or could I possibly be pregnant? I’ve read that coming off the pills (especially mid-pack) can cause symptoms that mimic early conception/pregnancy!The first pic is from Tuesday, (5/14) 2nd pic is from Thursday (5/16) , and  last pic is from yesterday (5/17). During these days especially, I had lower back pain and light/faint stomach cramping (felt dull). I also experienced a little more constipation than usual. I’ve had ovulation pains in the past (been getting my period since i was 11 and i’m now 20) but theres never been any discharge associated with it or lower back cramps! Never lasted more than a couple hours either! It’s now Saturday (5/18) and no more discharge or bleeding (i actually started to not really bleed or have discharge a little before i went to sleep on 5/17) I still feel lower back pain and *cramps?* but theyre all pretty faint now (can still feel it tho lol) Any thoughts? What do you guys think? Is it just the hormones from me coming off the pill and this is just a really weird withdrawal bleed? Am i ovulating now? Or could it be possible that I accidentally conceived? 

Took a preg test Thursday and it was negative. The last pic attached is when i “checked myself” this morning (5/18) and it was thin, watery and kinda whitish! Absolutely no smell, and no stretch. (my normal discharge often has looked like this in the past!)

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PICS: i used these wads of paper as makeshifts pads ish so some were sitting for an hour or two before i took it out. discharge/bleeding was never this heavy with one wipe btw. (no i didn’t insert this into my vagina 😂) in the 2nd pic u see light brown discharge or blood? not sure which one but that was after maybe an hour and a half of wearing those leggings! (yes i was going commando😂😂)

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