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Bleeding for over three months, what is this?

edited Jun 5, 2019 9:28AM in General chat
Hi, I am 18 years old and have been bleeding for over 3 months now, my bleeding has stopped and started throughout. I have lower left and lower right abdominal pain, upper abdominal pain, left side back pain, left side chest pain, pelvic pain and I constantly feel sick. In addition, I get bloating, a burning sensation, aching, sharp and stabbing pain in my abdomen and a really bad tightening sensation. My lower and upper abdomen area is really hard aswell. I started periods at the age of 9 and my height is 4 foot 10 inches and my weight is 45kg.   

My maternal grandfather has diabetes and my paternal grandmother has diabetes and my aunthas fibroids. 


  • I meant to say my aunt has fibroids. 
  • You need to see a Dr (if you haven't already) I don't know what it could be and I'm not a Dr so wouldn't want to speculate but something isn't right and you need to get checked out. Please don't leave it and worry yourself and spend your days in pain. X
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