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Bleeding after sex

Hi girls... has anyone experienced unusual bleeding during and after sex? My little boy is 9 months old, I didn't have sex at any time when I was pregnant and for the first time last week I had sex again, it hurt at first but nothing unbearable when we finished I had a lot of blood when I wiped. Didn't have any more bleeding during that night.  We had sex again 2 days ago and I began to bleed again, seemed more than last time. It has stopped. I have made a doctors appointment also, just wondering what to expect when I go. How will they check me over and will they? I'm only 19 so I guess they won't do a smear test.

Just to add... months after I had my baby I began to get very itchy in the vaginal area and discharge. It has calmed down since but just worried over the bleeding. 



  • Bright red blood represents new blood, not older blood that you might see with your period that may have been in your uterus for several days. Do you find that you have more blood after more exuberant or “rough” sexual activity, or deeper penetration? This could be one explanation, that you could have a very small tear in the vaginal wall that bleeds.
    But first you need to visit your doctor. 
  • It just means he's done a right good old job of it! 

    My best advice is to offer him a pat on the back.
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