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Pregnant & homeless

Hi, I'm looking for some advice on the current situation I'm in im 19 years old homeless and 5 months pregnant living in Ireland. I was made homesless at the starting of my pregnancy i moved in with a family members house up until about 5 or 6 weeks ago I've been kinda living in my bfs parents house, the family member i was staying with wants all of my belongings removed i can't bring them to my bfs because I'm not actually living here and bringing all my stuff would be out of line and no room either. I'm unsure if my course is going to keep me on I'll find out in 2 weeks I'm trying to save for a baby and looking for accommodation but can't afford the rent and depositas itsso high, i feel like I've overstayed a bit to long in my bfs home and with a baby on the way and nowhere for my belongings and unsure if I'll have a home when it gets here is worrying. So any advice or anyone in a similar situation please help!


  • Hi, not sure how it works in Ireland but in England you could go down to the council and advise them that your homeless and get a letter from your boyfriends family. They would then house you in temporary accommodation and you would be put on a bidding site for housing. It takes a while but you would be housed eventually. The council also offer storage lock up for your belongings. I feel for you it’s not a nice situation to be in but try stay calm, and look after yourself and congratulations being a mother is a wonderful thing xxx
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