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Menstrual blood clot-white **Contains graphic pic**

edited Aug 22, 2019 8:28AM in General chat
I am sorry if this is a repeat question. I did try to search it on the website before asking but was unsuccessful and I am new here. I am on my period. I recently got back on my usual BC but my period still came before removing my nuvaring. I do have heavy flows and cramps, but they don’t usually last more than 3-4 days (the cramping) but I am unusually still cramping on day 6 and the cramps aren’t like my usual (randomly hit and very sharp pains) I just had a very bad sharp pain and figured it was a blood clot. I took out my tampon and pushed out a weird colored clot-it wasn’t only red but also grayish/white. Has this happened to anyone else and would you happen to know what it is? Is this normal?


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