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Feeling emotional 😭

Hi ladies. 
I have got back from a trip to centre parcs today with my family for my sisters 30th birthday. My sister has a little baby boy who is 12 weeks old, and it hurts so much as my partner and I have been TTC for 6 years. I have PCOS and I have recently found out that I also carry a very rare cancer gene which can affect me donating my eggs etc. Well this weekend my partner broke down on me ( first time he has allowed me to see his emotion ). This came after he held our nephew whilst away. My mum spoke to me and told me that she could see in his face that it really bothered him. My mum spoke to him and he said that he just feels useless like there is nothing he can do to make things better. He also has a child from a previous relationship so restricts us from getting IVF on the nhs ( he blames himself for this, which it is not husband fault at all ). It just seems that nothing is going our way and however much we want to look at the positives something always gets thrown at us to battle on through. 
Thankyou xx
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