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Has your child ever had an accident which has caused you to have anxiety? - Help



I wanted to use this amazing platform to ask any Parents if a traumatic accident or experience has caused you to have anxiety over your children hurting themselves?.


I have two children a Boy and a Girl age 3 & 1, up until about 3 months ago I would have called myself quite a free spirited Parent I was quite happy for them to take a tumble and get back up with no fuss and I was always adamant I wanted them never be scared of anything and be assured that nothing in life can’t be fixed.


I was lucky enough to go on a Holiday of a lifetime to Mexico in May this year, once the hurdle of a 10hr journey was out the way I was so ready to enjoy my holiday. Unfortunately day 1 quite literally 5 minutes in my Son had an accident which in hindsight really wasn’t that life changing but for me it has had a nasty effect.


He was ready to go wearing his trunks and slipfree shoes, we were at the baby pool not even an inch of water and he asked if he could go into the pool on the slide. The answer was “ of course! “ I was right there not even 5 steps away, I turned around to remove my little girls shorts and within a second I heard a thud followed by tears which was already very unlike him, he was at the top of a small slide shaped like a turtle so if you can imagine it had a hood over it so I was unable to see him front on it also had a little water shoot at the top, it felt like it took forever to reach him but on route he was saying “ I’m okay Mummy don’t look”  when I got to him there was so much blood he was looking down at his knees so I was searching for the site of the blood and as he looked up at me all I saw was bone his chin had split open and was honestly spurting at me. At this point I think it’s fair to mention that I am a very strong person it takes a lot to shake me but I am so ashamed of myself for saying this as I truly fell to pieces  I was USELESS! I scooped him up and he was blue lighted to a local hospital where they informed me he would need 6 stitches inside and out by a plastic surgeon they then told me that they don’t put children out over there and that he would have to be pinned down, at this point all I wanted was to get him sorted he was so quite not like my usual Boy, sadly only I was aloud in the room at 5 people had to pin him down whilst they put these stitches in. I just clung onto him and just sobbed the whole way through, he was so brave but those chilling screams will haunt me forever. We went on to enjoy the holiday and I think I put it to the back of my mind I cared for his wound daily and we had antibiotics but I still had the drama of getting them taken out in England! When I got back here the NHS were fantastic and removed them with much less trouble.


As time has gone by I have come to realise it has had a really deep effect on me and I have to source counselling I feel so silly it’s a tiny little scar under his chin he is fine we are all fine it could have been so much worse but I cannot get over it! Its lead me to feel the need to be by the kids side 24/7 which I can now see is unachievable and its why I sort help, I just can’t help but think if only I was right there. I was wondering if anyone has gone through anything similar and if its passed?.

Thanks x

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