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84 days in intensive care after lack of oxygen before her birth

I would like to share Isabelle's story with you all. My beautiful friend was Isabelle's mummy and she was so excited to meet her new baby. Tragically this did not happen. After starting with stomach pains my friend collapsed and her heart stopped just as she got to hospital. 75 doctors tried to save her but they couldn't. Her husband and her son, age 3 are still devastated she is no longer with them.

Isabelle is now 5 months old, still being fed via an NG tube and her seizure meds are taken via the tube also. A very likely future outcome for her is cerebral palsy. Isabelle has just started physio sessions to help her muscles and movement. I have set up a justgiving page for for her future care and equipment which will help her recovery and development. If you can give any amount it will really help Isabelle. Thank you xx
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