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Birthday and Christmas gift list??

Hi everyone... 

I’m trying to be more organised when it comes to Christmas this year. So I have started to think what my boys really need. I love them to have practical meaningful gifts, but the last few years I have found myself buying bits just to make up the pile and do they really need them No not at all... 

So Iv created a gift list this year that I’m going to stick to... things the boys will really enjoy and that are meaningful gifts. 

I came across this website that Iv used and it’s really useful in creating a gift list... I have done one for each of the boys and will share them with friends and family when they ask what they can get the boys ... I find this way so much easier and everyone can see the list and update it, which will stop the dreaded Santa bought two playmobil ghostbusters cars..

 I’m hoping it will make it easier for everyone as it lets you link the website for were to buy each item so I can save everyone some time as well when doing their shopping at this busy time... 

Do you agree it’s a good idea or do you think family and friends will think I’m being pushy ???love to know what people think of this idea...  


  • I think it’s fab. I’ve used this website myself and absolutely love it. We’ve previously used Amazon wishlists but like a lot of people, trying to use them less and what I really liked about Things To Get Me was initially the fact that you could link things from multiple websites including more unusual things, but also the gift fund function which we’re using this year because we want to buy a posh tent.

    I think given the focus on climate change at the moment it’s really important to be more mindful about gift giving. I’ll be suggesting that my family members use the website too because i’d hate to think of me wasting time and money on gifts they don’t like, which will potentially not be used or get thrown away.
  • I've used things to get me. I do not recommend it. 

    You end up spending more time selecting items, sending the list, and finding what you want. I've seen other sites come up recently which are better. And, you don't need to stick to AMZN wishlists in the process.
  • The thing I liked about things to get me was that I wasn’t limited to one site or even to online. And I could put things like “second hand is ok” in comments. That’s important for me this year while I try to reduce waste and encourage family to be more eco conscious. 
  • I've also started using Things to Get Me this year and it's been really useful so far as I find I can easily share the lists when people ask me what my boys want for xmas. Saves me having to remember what ideas I have already given people to avoid duplicate gifts. I've just started using the app to make it a bit easier.
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