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Do you worry that your child will go through your phone if they borrow it?

Hi ladies! 

Do you feel comfortable allowing your child to have access to your phone? Two of my friends freely allow their kids to play games on their phones and I always tell them that the kids could also be exposed to private text messages or photos, ads targeted at adults, social media content etc UNLESS they're next to you.

How do you protect your kids from that? Or do you not mind?


  • I think it's a fair point you make but my child is not old enough to read so not something I am overly worried about. I think when that changes it won't be much of an issue she is only ever focused on what she is on the phone for ie games or you tube I can't imagine her going for a nosey about. And I would change my notifications to not pop up at the top so she wouldn't see them if that makes sense. I used to pay for you tube so could download stuff she could watch without having access to the Internet. 
  • Thank you for your response MCT86. Yeah, I see what you mean. If a child is not nosey, then it's not a huge concern for the parents. I like the precautions you take like changing the notifications or not having access to the internet. It really depends on the parents and how conscious they are about the potential dangers. Thanks again, very insightful answer :)
  • My son went through my phone once when he was 6. Won't happen again as he saw an advert for the movie IT on my Facebook page. I personally think it just comes with being a mum. As hard as we try to protect them from things, they sometimes just unfortunately happen. Since then though, he's terrified of clowns.
  • My 6,5,3&2 year old all go on my phone on kids YouTube. BUT I put it on and they're to sit by me with the volume up so I know what they're watching. My kids are really good at only sticking to kids youtube. 
  • Traceyphillips for your comment. I agree, it's difficult to control everything as parents, but we can definitely minimize what they're exposed to. Poor thing - terrified of clowns :( 
  • Mammyto4princesses for your response. I love your approach. It's a great way to monitor what your kids are doing online while gi Even if you're busy, you can still hear. Thanks again! 
  • Thanks @LewisDominique for your response. That's also another way of simply eliminating the risk - prevent them from using your phone. Activities are great way to keep them from relying too much on digital entertainment too! 
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