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Help...pregnant, but who by?

edited Oct 15, 2019 6:29PM in General chat
Please no judging...

I was with someone for a few month, last slept together September 5th. Had a light spotting around September 19th. We split not long before septmeber 19th. 
I then made the mistake of sleeping with my children’s father around October 1st. I am now 4 weeks pregnant I’m so confused 


  • I would say by the person u slept with on September 5th If u had spotting on the 19th that now makes u 4 weeks pregnant if u slept with ur children’s father oct 1. It takes 6-12 days of implantation that would mean you’ll be barely 1-2 weeks pregnant 
  • That’s like me I had my period April 5th-12th then on May 13th found out I was 5weeks 4 days so it makes me question if I got pregnant before my period or what the app says on the 19th of April, the timing of my period makes it so confusing!!
  • I would say the children's father if you are basing the 4 weeks pregnant on the date of your LMP rather than the date of when you DTD. As if you have just missed a period now making you 4 weeks, then you will have conceived around 2 weeks ago. It's difficult to say though without knowing your last cycle etc. I suppose the dating scan may help you?
  • Sorry, just seen the original post is from 9 days ago, I was basing my answer on todays date
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