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Finding of fact/court

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Hi ladies,
on 13th October we had a naming ceremony for our little girl... 6 months...she was a little unsettled throughout the day but nothing where anyone in the room thought there was something seriously wrong. So we put it down to teething, being tired the environment etc. She went to bed fine but when she got up I went to change her nappy and she began to get upset. I noticed she wouldn’t move her left leg. As soon as the doctors open I rang for an apt and took her for 10:30. We thought maybe a pulled muscle from her jumperoo etc. We were referred to our local hospital. She had an X-ray and it turned out to be a fracture to her left femur. We were flabbergasted as well as devastated. They then carried out a skeletal survey which they said had to be sent off to an expert in Liverpool. Social services were involved straight away because we didn’t have a “plausible explanation” we said maybe our older daughter 2 and a half maybe fell or stood on her. Then the report came back. She could also see evidence of a “healing fracture to the right femur” social services allowed us to keep the girls at home under supervision from family members. Then 2 weeks later we took her for her follow up skeletal survey. We had requested a second opinion but the consultant sent it back to Liverpool. She then confirmed a healing rib fracture! And changed her dating of the right femur to 4+ weeks from the 14th. Social services then applied for a interim care order and our beautiful babies were put in to foster care. Devastating! In the meantime. The original consultant who said our explanations weren’t valid, then changed his mind in a meeting we all had and said that it could of been an accident, as well he hadn’t followed protocol and didn’t have a primary report completed or informed the radiologist of our explanation. So after a lot of dispute, the xrays were sent to Sheffield who has said the right femur FEATURES a healing fracture and she doesn’t believe the rib is fractured. We are back in court on Monday for case management hearing. The guardian now feels we have to have the experts in but they don’t start until March! We just want our girls home. My solicitor is so vague and doesn’t give me a lot of reassurance. We feel ill and miss our babies so so much. We have gave the police our scan photos and photos and videos of our baby girl from the last 9 weeks to prove she has not showed any signs of a fracture in her right femur! Please has anyone been in this situation?
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