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Dye run or faint positive!! Please help 😭

I took this test last night after a 5 hour hold. This showed up within 5 minutes but I can’t tell if it’s just a shitty test? I’m going to the dollar tree to get more today so we will see what those say & I’ll take one tomorrow morning. One of the pictures is unedited and the other I tweaked it a bit.  h


  • I would say it's defo faulty but certainly could be a faint line that was supposed there if the dye hadn't run so try not to get hopes up but defo test again first thing tomo morning! How many dpo are you?? Good luck and I hope you get bfp 😁xx
  • I’d say it’s a faulty test as the dye seems to have run. Iv heard blue tests are known for dye runs/evap lines. I’d probably try a pink dye like first response. Let us know how you get on x
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