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IUD removal + period

Hi everyone,

I've had my Paraguard IUD for about 9 months and am looking to take it out soon. It was a royal pain to put in; it took the doctor and nurse 2 attempts and 2.5 hours and was very crampy and uncomfortable, probably because I've not given birth before. When it was installed and everything settled down I loved it, no side effects aside from long periods.

I heard that removal is easier if it's done during a period, but when I posed that question to my clinic they replied that I didn't "need" to schedule the removal during my period ???? which was confusing to me. I'm not sure if they're outright asking me not to schedule removal during period because it'll be gross, or if they mean that I can do it any time in my cycle.

Has anyone taken theirs out, and what time in your cycle did you do it? Would you recommend a period removal, and is there a chance they can turn me away until after I've finished if I go in bleeding?

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