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Hard to have friends??

I am feeling really low just now.
I have this friend that I used to be really close to but life got in the way and we've hung out less and less over the years but ive stayed in touch and we've caught up once or twice in a year.

Now i have made several attempts to catch up and try to be good friends again and ive been questioning if she's avoiding me or just not in the mood or what. Sometimes she's genuinely away or busy and it doesn't work but like sometimes i feel like if she really wanted to hang out she would or she'd message me once in awhile. I did get invited to a birthday not that long ago but she had dinner with close family and friends first and i was just one of a bunch of people at the drinks thing after and hardly could speak to her. Today after already feeling like does she hate me or something? her refusing an invite I feel like now i just give up and let her make a move which will be never i would say.

Is not contacting me a sign that she doesn't want to hang out at all? Are any of you bad friends that are never the one that asks to go to things or messages? (in the nicest way lol). 

I have reconnected with another friend who i didn't hang out with much but after me doing all the organizing its now a two-way thing which is great as you know the friendship is reciprocated.

It can be very lonely just having work with work friends that you only see at work... i have a new partner whose my best friend now and the kids but its not the same as having girl friends.
I just felt like it would help to talk to someone. and honestly...ive no idea where to meet anyone. Its kinda hard in this little town i'm in where basically nothing happens etc. :/
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