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I’ve never met my grandchildren and I don’t know why

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My daughter works in a car dealership -  she was a very busy Sales management professional when she fell pregnant with R she had two children R almost 3 now and L now a few weeks old she’s 34. I have never met my grandchildren. I told her I may have pancreatic cancer and it may be genetic and she then cut me out of her life I’m not sure why? It’s like it’s my fault? I’m on a clinical trial at Liverpool hospital I haven’t seen my daughter since she was pregnant with R, should grandparents have rights to their grandchildren? I think it may be because I nursed my mum and my mum nursed gets through it and my daughter couldn’t face that however I have never asked to. When she fell out with me she said what do you want a hand out? I was devastated. I certainly have never borrowed money from my children. I gave her £1500 towards the deposit on her new home and I set up a savings plan for her 18th birthday though I was a single parent bringing up her and her brother who is now 29. I’m 😔 heartbroken.


  • Oh goodness..has she given you any reason as to why she has so coldly cut you out ? Did you have a good relationship with your daughter before this ? I'm so sorry to hear of your cancer it's an awful thing to have to face :( xx
  • No reason given and I have sent cards and presents and they came back not at this address but she is still there. I have tried phoning texting and she’s on Facebook treacle Waters Bury st Edmunds  that’s how I found out I have two grandchildren thank god for Facebook it’s heart breaking
  • I can only guess at why it was when I told her I was sick so now she’s close to her mother in law instead I can see on Facebook 
    I have no money I’m poor and the in laws are well off but I brought her and her brother up in my own I don’t drink or smoke or take drugs, but I can’t buy expensive gifts as I’m ill. 
    I know the in laws have been paying for everything including the house renovations etc. I have heard. 
    I just want to meet my grandchildren. I cry about it lots and I know that isn’t helping me stay well so I try to put it out of my mind. But it’s hard. 
  • It doesn’t seem right that as a grandmother I have no rights. 
    My son is there for me all the time she doesn’t talk to him either there’s 5 years between them she’s older when she left she said she didn’t need us in her life. I love my daughter dearly she was my first everyone loves their first when I first held her I never imagined this x
  • Aw I can imagine how saddening this must be for you, there must be a reason and why shes not telling you is really unfair! Unfortunately I dont believe there is any sort of legal rights but I may be wrong. It doesn't matter that your not well off, I'm not well off in the slightest and it doesn't make us any less of a person. For her to cut you out because of you being poorly is very sad indeed. I honestly hope that she gets in touch with you soon and this can be sorted. She could atleast have the decency to give you a proper reason x
  • Can I just ask why you've put her full name and where she works? It's a little risky to be putting that out there for all to see really. Anyone could try to get a hold of her and could possibly cause her some trouble. I'm sure that's not what you want but in my opinion if my mum had put my full name and place of work on a mums chat room I wouldn't be happy. X
  • I have asked the admins to remove the name
  • Aw good better to be safe than sorry ay x
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