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Partners family after having a child

Hi, I’m new too this however I’m struggling and need some advice.
my partner and I have been together 2 years and have a 6 month old daughter, before we got together my partner used to stay in all the time playing the Xbox or he would be at work, he was a real mummy and grandmas boy. When we got together obviously we’ve done a lot of things, been to places etc but have always gone half’s money wise, we had our daughter and found a house to private rent near his family. It’s been a struggle with money for us both, I’m on maternity receiving 520 a month and I pay the rent which is 400, he pays the other bills which come too around 350 then he has a car and pays for that, which is why I don’t mind him paying the shorter amount.. however with Christmas and everything finances have been short and his family are all blaming me, they seem to think I’m bullying him and not giving him any money, I get our universal credit in my account then I split it in the middle and put half in his bank, I have screen shotted this and tried to show them but they still don’t believe me, he’s told them I give them half but they think I control him so they don’t believe him either, I’m really considering giving up on our relationship and trying to get a house on the council for me and my daughter so he can go back to his mums because It’s really getting me down, any advise or stories similar would really be appreciated, sorry for the long post x


  • What exactly has it got to do with them? He’s a grown man. You are a family. Does he work?xxx
  • Yeah he works, he’s 23 and worked since he was 17, drive since he turned 18, but they are such a strong willed family that don’t take no for an answer and his grandma is like the head of the family and what she says goes basically 😕 xx
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