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Post partum Exercise

JaneDCJaneDC Regular
edited Feb 26, 2020 8:49PM in General chat
Just wondering if anyone can recommend post partum exercises, that have worked for you?

I'm 11 weeks post partum. I do yoga, pretty much daily (I'm not very good at it! but I enjoy it, and feel like it gets rid of a lot of tension in my body). I don't do much else, but would like to start doing something else. Not sure what yet! Looking for inspiration.

I joined slimming world, which has really helped me lose weight. To be honest, I don't stick to the slimming world plan, but I do watch what I eat, and find that having to weigh in every week helps me to lose weight.

Nearly at my pre pregnancy weight, but would like to start shaping up. I can just about squeeze into my pre pregnancy jeans, but they do not look good on :)

Ideally looking for something that I can do at home, so I can do it when I have the time and not have to stick to going to a class at a certain time.
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