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Could i be pregnant


Hi guys i have been in the emergency room for a hour and need some advise so i’ve had 2 periods for the first time in one month and have had abnormal brown clots discharge all my periods have always been regular the doctor did a test and came negative but he wants me to have a emergency smear test and a ultrasound what are the chances of them finding a baby sac i had 2 very faint positives in November which i classed as negative as i had my period now this is happening to me x 


  • I'm scared that I could be pregnant I'm 17 and I have alot of early pregnancy symptoms and I'm past the date I was supposed to get my period. My symptoms are... blotting, fatigue, moodiness, constipation, cervical mucus, period like cramps, and headaches. If someone could give me some answers or advice that would great thank you :neutral:
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