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travelling with children

Hi everyone! After the epidemic is over and the disease begins to recede, I would like to go with my children on vacation to another country. But I have never traveled with children. How do they perceive the flight, a new environment. I have twins, girls, 3 years old. At this age, is it too early to start traveling? Who has had experience traveling with young children? how did they take it? I would really like to take them to the sea on vacation. Share tips and your experiences. Thanks in advance.


  • Hi, one is the most important moment is careful to plan your trip. For example - a hotel. Try to find what kind of beds are there, how many rooms, whether there is a child's place, a balcony, a refrigerator, a bath or shower in the bathroom, etc. Be sure to check the availability of a children's pool, club, animators, and a game room at the time of booking. Because your children are small and I think you use a stroller, ask the manager if there is an elevator in the hotel and whether the area is equipped with ramps. And the last thing that is desirable to clarify is the presence of a children's menu, diet dishes, and special high chairs for feeding babies.
  • Thank you. Before the trip, should we visit the pediatrician and pass the basic tests. How your child/children feel during a long flight, acclimatization in another country? 
  • I am based in the uk, but my parents live in usa. We have flown on a plane many times and the children have been totally fine (i have four) As long as you are organised and have plenty of treats for the journey you will be fine. Try to stick to a rough routine on holiday and that helps too! 
  • Does anyone know how to help my kids from throwing up during a long ride?
  • Hi, placing some not medical tips from my experience. 
    -  a light meal at least 3 hours before the trip;
    -  being in the front seat if it possible
    -  directing the look horizontally or at a permanent subject
    -  rejecting playing games or watching videos
    -  trying not to move head during the trip.

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