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Corona virus

Hello girls, I'm new here. My friend who frequents this forum told me to ask here even to get some advice.
After Corona outbreak I moved back from LA to Serbia to be with my family. Political situation here is nothing to brag about as our president goes out of his way to suck up to Putin. In addition to massive raise in prices and availability of goods we now even have "police hour", which means we cannot go outside at all after 5pm. Needles to say this situation struck elderly population most of all. In retaliation some of us "emigrants", who are financially well of, organized to buy and deliver food and necessities to people who cannot go themselves or cannot afford them. For now we seem to be able to handle everything, but if this situation continues I'm afraid we won't have enough money to keep up. For that end I created paypal account for donations so if any of you wishes to help, no matter how much, I will be really grateful, and if not no hard feelings, thank you all the same.
I apologize for this lengthy post and wish you and your family the best of luck and all the health in the world :)

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