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Urgent need of medication!!!

My husband had terrible nearsightedness and had contracted cataracts later in life. So he had cataract surgery a few years back, and also IOLs were implanted in his eyes, which reprimanded the most of his nearsightedness. However, soon he incurred dry eyes!
Now he is heavily dependent on a lot of medications, most of which are prescribed by his ophthalmologist in Toronto. A lot of his medications include hydroxychloroquine, rituximab, Restasis, and artificial tears. Yet when it comes to lubrication, Lacrisert works for him the most.
But with the current situation, it seems like there is a shortage of Lacisert in most of the pharmacies in Toronto. A lot of them are not able to provide information on when the product will be available again.
If there is anyone out there, with any sort of info on this, please do reply.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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