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The relationship we made following the same journey! Part 2

Hello everyone,
This is Part 2 for the thread The relationship we made following the same journey, as the earlier thread has now topped the 1k post mark. 

We've pasted a link on the old thread, to this new one, so hopefully everyone should be able to find easy enough. 


  • FIRST 👏🏻
  • Woooh
  • Ladies I was thinking of doing an ovarian reserve test. There is an finger prick test you can do that they mail out to you, it’s £55. Does anyone know anything about it? I would just like to know if I’m ok for a while or if I need to rush things more. @MadDoda they measure a hormone, do you know anything about it?
  • @Aliciab90 amh hormone, it represents number of eggs u have left. It gives u a very good idea if u have a lot of eggs, hence time to conceive. I think it's worth doing in general at certain age if ur worried. Low reserve may give u pre menopausal symptoms, If u don't have any symptoms then most of the time ur reserve is fine. But I don't know how it plays our with pcos. Mb u could ask gp for it instead of paying for it? Cloudrainbow had it done u could text her xx
  • @VRob123 suprisingly it is......honestly idk where im losing the weight.....i didnt think i was bloated when we took the pic but maybe i couldve mom keeps joking about twins twins twins n im like its not twins lmao and how can i look so much bigger than my weight.....maybe im losing my butt :/
  • @Catlady220 I was bloated until about 10 weeks so may be that. I was just surprised at your bump already! Maybe it is twins ..... 🤣
  • @VRob123 i am very small though so maybe it could b.......i can tell the difference in my tummy n my mom n hubby can too but i dont think others bloat only comes after eatting and the pics were b4 dinner so idk lol but tbh i hope its not twins.....ill find out monday but if its twins i might pass out lol
  • Still no red witch yet, occasional spots.  I don’t know what to think 😔
  • @Lonestar so sorry love :(
  • @lonestar just stay strong, until she arrives you don't know for sure. Try to relax as much as you can x
  • I’m ok guys, stopped again 🤔 it only when wipe once or twice a day that’s it and it just tinted pink, so who knows hoping it’s just nestling not pulling away 
  • Have you tested anymore @Lonestar? Been thinking of you x
  • @Lonestar hang in there!

    @MadDoda yeh when I did a quick bit of research, it said the levels can be higher in pcos, but my hormone levels are fine apparently (at least last time) 
    I have a week off now so I’m gonna see if I can get in with a referral to a specialist just to see what’s going on, if anything. Because if they turn around and say I’m completely infertile, it will help with my decision making
  • Sorry, also @MadDoda is @Cloudrainbow still around?? I think of her often
  • Hello all sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days busy work day. 

    @Lonestar am keeping everything crossed for you.

    @Aliciab90 I am so sorry your struggling with your OH. This journey is hard enough I can’t imagine if my OH wasn’t supportive. Am keeping everything crossed he has a change of heart soon.

    @MadDoda your baby is too cute, he looks like a proper wee character.

    @Catlady220 I know it must be difficult but try not to stress over your weight loss. If your doctors aren’t worried the try and go with that.

    For those of you I have missed am sorry but hope you’re all doing well.

    little update from me, they have had to push back my IVF sometimes to do with a delay consents or something but I can go ahead and try IUI again if I want so will be doing that again. Prob too late for this month but hoping to catch end of August so will see how it goes. You never know IUI may work this time. I am much healthier and 14lbs lighter than the last time we tried so 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  • @RememberToBreathe aww I appreciate that I did do one more today, but it a 25ml so ...

    @Aliciab90 doing my up most best, let me know if tmi but I now have white lumpy cm and just feel wet 🤦🏼‍♀️ Sorry guys! I’m also very hot like suntan skin (I wish) but instead grounded in this country 🙄
  • @Kazam2817 thanks love I had hubby put the scale up
  • So she doesn't update much but @ks36 dr believes she's having another chemical ☹️
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