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Bleeding heavily during sex

Sw1233456Sw1233456 New
edited Aug 4, 2020 8:57AM in General chat
Hi, this is my first time using this. I also have no clue if it’s still used. However I need a bit of advice. I’m 16 and yesterday during sex I started bleeding quite heavily. However, it wasn’t like period blood. It was very thin and runny and quite a dark red. The unusual thing is these flesh like chunks came out too 😖 it wasn’t like a blood clot. These were very light pink. I obviously did the worse thing and started googling. I first thought I’ve maybe had a miscarriage but now the bleeding has stopped so I don’t think it’s that. And now I’m reading it can be the first sings of implantation. I’m so worried. I don’t know what to do. I am on the mini pill but around 4 weeks ago I missed one and stupidly had sex the next day as gross as it sounds he pulled out lol but I know sometimes that’s not always safe! Thankyou 


  • You should see the doctor. Chlamydia can cause bleeding during sex and if untreated could cause you long term problems. Or If you think your pregnant you will need a scan to check everything. 
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