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Covid19: dad can't breathe

WelshGirl98WelshGirl98 Regular
edited Sep 5, 2020 2:07PM in General chat
Hello lovely ladies ! How are you all doing during this pandemic?? I’ve had the worst news ever, my dad and step mum have just contracted the virus, my poor dad can’t breathe 😩 I’m so scared as he’s been around my nan and grandad who both have cancer 😩 x


  • HelenMFMHelenMFM admin
    edited Sep 5, 2020 9:53AM
    Gosh, WelshGirrl, we're so sorry to hear this.
    How is your dad today? Has there been any improvement? We do hope so...
    We've taken the liberty of editing your thread title a little so that people can see straightaway what you're posting about :)
  • Thank you for editing the title but it was really just to see how everyone else is, it wasn’t a cry for support 🙉.  My dads not getting any better, his cough is interfering with his breathing so he’s not sleeping as he can’t lay down without choking😩 xx
  • Oh apologies, WelshGirrl, for misunderstanding - we've taken the 'need support' bit out of the thread title now.
    Really hope your dad starts to feel better soon.
  • It’s alright; thank you Helen🥺 this virus is horrible it’s so close to home and my little girl is only 6 month 😩
  • My dad tested positive for this virus 😩 
  • get well soon.
  • Really hope your dad starts to feel better soon.
  • He is much better now thank you x
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