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Potentially bringing newborn home to COVID


just looking for some advice and experiences please. 

Im due this Friday the 11th of September. My 4yo daughter woke up early hours with COVID symptoms, wheezy cough and sore throat. It’s quite likely it’s just school germs but we’ve got to be responsible and have all gone back into isolation until we can get her tested and a result. Until a negative result I will go have baby on my own. 

What are ladies experiences or advice on the above & potentially bringing a newborn home to a covid house? 

Thank you! 


  • Oh no @VRob123 that's not what you need is it :( 
    How long will the testing and result take? 
    I'm a bit concerned with my husband being back in school teaching now as he works in an area that is a high risk. He is being as careful as he can be but not everyone is :/ 
    Sorry I'm not really answering your question! X
  • Hi Hun! We’ve managed to get booked in for testing this afternoon about 15 miles away. Originally the nearest place with slots was 70 miles!! Hopefully will have the results tomorrow so little man can now stay put for a little while longer 🙈. We’ve been so careful all this time. She started school last Tuesday and bam! It’s probably normal germs but with baby coming we have to be sure so childcare can be sorted during labour. X
  • @VRob123 ah glad you've found somewhere closer!! Fingers crossed it is just start of term germs as you say 🤞 the weather suddenly turning colder isn't helping. 
    Are you having the flu jab? I still can't decide whether to or not. 
    You won't have must more time now?! So exciting x
  • I had the jab at my 12 week appointment so all good here. I’ve never had a problem with flu jabs though but completely personal preference x
  • Ah ok! @VRob123. I'm more wary just because it is another injection, but I have more numbing cream....I am such a wimp!
    I think I will have it done x
  • Flu jab is so important for pregnant women we might not be as at risk of covid but we are from flu .. hope all goes well 
  • Thanks @Lillian2410. I think what is making me unsure is that I'm due a week on thursday, so I'm wondering whether I would end up having it after he is born. But it would still be worth having wouldn't it?
  • Yes your a lot more vulnerable after you’ve had a baby too with your body healing ..
  • Ah ok! I didn't realise that. Thank you :)
  • @VRob123 what a nightmare!!! Hope it’s negative for your little girl so that it’s not tricky for the new baby.

    how are you and the bump doing?xxxx
  • @EmJ3 we’ve had her tested now so results tomorrow hopefully. She’s getting snotty & sneezy so pointing towards a cold. Better to be sure and the school wouldn’t allow her in coughing. 

    Bump and I are well thank you. Trying not to do much so he keeps staying in 🤣. Not much longer! How are you & the family? X
  • Awww @VRob123 I’ll keep everything crossed for you! I can’t believe your baby boy will be born so soon. It’s so exciting! I can’t wait to see pics and hear his
  • Oh gosh, how stressful! Hope you’re little one is feeling better and you get that negative test result very soon. 

  • Negative result just through, she’s officially just a snotty school child germ sponge 🙌. But it also means I can definitely have husband with me at the birth!!! 
  • Oh that is really good news!!!!! :) x
  • Brilliant news @VRob123!!xxx
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