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Hi everyone so I had sex on the 3rd was supposed to get my period on the 8th, 2 days later I spotted for 1 day. 12 days later I started bleeding color is bright red and isn’t as much as my regular flow would be. Been feeling pregnancy symptoms. I had took a test said it was a slight positive and then I took another and it said I was negative. Very confused at this point could use some advice. 
Thank you 


  • What brand of tests did you use? Have you gone to a doctor?
  • I used First response pregnancy test, not yet I plan on going this week. 
  • I don't want to worry you because it does seem like it might be a chemical, but there's every chance I'm wrong. I'd definitely try testing again with concentrated pee just to make sure. Fingers crossed it's positive news at the doctor's this week love x
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